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Moor End Academy


The academy will not bypass our uniform expectations as a result of receiving notes from parents/carers explaining uniform discrepancies. 

We are very proud of our uniform and believe the uniform should be worn with pride. Pupils are asked to follow the uniform rules closely and present themselves as they would do in the world of work. Academy uniform develops a sense of loyalty to the community which students are members, and we always encourage them to take a pride in their appearance.  Students are expected to wear full academy uniform on the way to and from the academy, and to understand that they represent the academy whilst in uniform.

The academy uniform

  •  Navy blue official Moor End Academy blazer with academy logo
  • Official Moor End Academy year group tie
  • Y7-10: Plain white full-sleeve or short sleeve school shirt with button fastening at the collar
  • Y11: Plain sky blue full-sleeve or short sleeve school shirt with button fastening at the collar
  • Plain mid grey full length formal trouser (tailored fit – not skinny fit) or plain box pleated mid grey knee length skirt
  • Plain black socks (not trainer socks or ankle style sports socks) or plain black tights
  • Plain black slip-on or lace up shoes (no trainers, pumps or boots)
  • Appropriate school bag
  • Planner and basic equipment
  • Official grey Moor End Academy pullover (optional)
  • Only official MEA badges/insignia are permissible as part of the academy’s school uniform.

Please note:

  • Plain clothing should not contain visible badges, writing or insignia
  • Trousers and skirts should not be constructed from denim, linen, canvas or lycra


Jewellery is restricted to:

  • One pair of small plain silver or gold studs (no hoops, coloured or diamante earrings), no more than one stud in each ear
  • One small silver or gold bracelet
  • One small silver or gold ring
  • One small silver or gold nose stud 

Hair Styles

  • Hair accessories (alice bands, hair slides etc.) should be small and black, navy or red
  • Hair dyed in bright colours is not permissible
  • Eye brow slits are not permissible
  • Patterns or lines shaved into hair is not permissible
  • Head scarves can be worn but should be plain black (no logos, embroidery, fringing or beading) and should be secured with a safety pin. Other pins used to secure head scarves will be confiscated.  Any mosque/ prayer hats must be plain black.


Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11

Grey tie red blue  stripe

Grey tie navy  stripe 

Grey tie royal blue  stripe 

Grey tie turquoise stripe


Navy tie with grey stripe and M logo

Face Masks

  • Plain navy blue
  • Plain black
  • Plain white

Basic Equipment

For each lesson students will need:

  • Planner
  • X2 of each: black/blue, red and purple pens
  • 2 pencils
  • Ruler
  • Eraser
  • Pencil case
  • A bag big enough to carry all equipment, homework and books
  • Calculator

Physical Education Uniform

Year 7 students arriving in September, will need to buy and wear our new line of Moor End Academy P.E kit (navy). This uniform is now being stocked in Natasha’s Schoolwear. All other year groups will continue to wear our current P.E kit (red / black).

However, please be aware that if any kit is lost during the academic year, or if students grow out of their current kit, the new P.E kit must be purchased. This is because Natasha’s Schoolwear will no longer be stocking the red / black kit, as this will be phased out. This updated P.E uniform is to ensure students are more comfortable during physical activities and to match with the new academy uniform. 

Please see the following table for ‘essential’ kit. This needs to be brought to every P.E lesson. The ‘additional’ kit applies to school fixtures, bad weather and piercings.

All students are expected to participate in PE. Suitable PE kit should be brought to every lesson. PE kit will not be available from school. See the PE staff for details.

Year 7 - 10 (Navy) Year 11 (Red and Black)
Essentials Additional Kit Essentials Additional Kit
Moor End Academy logo t-shirt (NAVY) Black/Navy undergarments (layers for winter)  Moor End Academy polo shirt  Black undergarments (layers for winter) 
Moor End Academy logo tracksuit bottoms (NAVY) Navy hooded sweater Moor End Academy tracksuit bottoms or plain black tracksuit bottoms  Moor End Academy hooded sweater
Moor End Academy Logo leggings (NAVY)  Black football socks (sport fixtures)  Plain black leggings (girls only)  Black football socks (sport fixtures) 
Plain black socks  Shin pads (sport fixtures) Plain black socks  Black shorts (sport fixtures and / or P.E lessons) 
Laced trainers (no plimsolls) Gum shield (rugby)  Laced trainers (no plimsolls) Shin pads (sport fixtures)
Football boots (boys + girls)  Plasters / Tape (piercings)  Football boots (boys + girls) Gum shield (rugby) 
Plastic carrier bags (wet kit)  Plasters / Tape (piercings) 
Plastic carrier bags (wet kit) 

Uniform Supplier

Natasha’s School Wear (Uniform and PE Kit)
2 Buxton Way

Please note:   Ties are available from the academy in emergencies only.

Recommended Shoe Suppliers

Wynsors World of Shoes 
2b, Castlemore Retail Park
Beck Rd



Shoe Zone 
85-87 New St




22 Kingsgate Centre
King St