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Booster Sessions & Revision Guidance

Revision Guides Catalogue 2024/25

Should you wish to order revision guides, please select the relevant titles and make payment on ParentPay before Monday 8th April 2024. This will create your order automatically so there in no need to fill in an order form.

Revision Guidance

High quality revision is key to students’ success at the end of Year 11. Increasingly, qualifications rely on 100% examination which are all at the end of the course; students could be tested on content which they covered right at the start of Year 10, so revision must be an ongoing and integral part of their approach to learning from the moment they embark upon their GCSE courses. At Moor End Academy, we provide a structured revision programme which is published so that students and parents are able to see which subjects are offering sessions at different times. These often take place after school, and are led by specialist staff who are able to work with individuals and small groups to ensure that understanding and application of key topics and skills are consolidated fully. In Year 11, we will often offer additional sessions during school holiday time; this allows us to provide extended revision sessions where students can explore elements of their courses in more depth.

Whilst we encourage attendance at as many sessions as students are able to commit to, we also appreciate that high-quality revision can take place without staff input - and we provide resources to support independent revision. On the school website, there are links to a number of resources which the academy funds so that students can benefit from these programmes at home. Show My Homework is one which we encourage, and staff can upload bespoke revision tasks and activities for students to complete. As a parent, you can download the app so that you can track homework and revision which has been set for your child.

The academy’s LORIC programme, which is covered during form period, will develop a range of skills and strategies for students to enable them to revise effectively in and out of school. We also recommend resources including revision guides for many subjects, and can often order these centrally so that we can offer them at a reduced price. In Years 10 and 11, your child will be provided with details of these revision resources. If you require any additional information, please contact your child’s form tutor in the first instance.

Revision Guides

Student Revision Guide

Animated Version

Parent/Carer Revision Guide

Animated Version

Booster Sessions 2023-24





KS4 Geography Booster



KS4 History Booster


Year 11 Art and Photography



English Revision KS4


Year 10 Photography Booster


Maths Revision KS4

Various Maths Rooms

Year 11 Art



KS4 History Booster

H3 and H4

KS4 Food and H& Catering

DT6 and DT2

Ks4 Art and Photography – Invite Only

DT3 and DT2

BTEC Sport Booster


GCSE PE Booster



Year 11 Further Maths


Year 10 Art


Year 11 Photography


Health and Social Care Booster


BTEC Sport Booster


GCSE PE Booster



The M-Zone is available daily for homework and revision – you can use this time to access GCSE Pod, create revision cards and recall key information.

The library is available on Friday after school for Year 11 – why not choose a book to read for pleasure?

Please go straight to the booster you have chosen and make sure you are marked present on the register. At the end of the session leave via Main Reception and make sure you are ticked out. 

Students will not be allowed to wander the school. Students should only attend boosters or the M-Zone if they intend to engage and support their fellow learners: demonstrate respect, ambition and responsibility!