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Attendance Policy

At MEA, we insist on excellent school attendance and we offer a clear whole school vision for attendance which are underpinned by high expectations linked to our academy core values. We expect good attendance and punctuality from all members of the school community and we make sure that our students understand the importance of this. 

When it comes to attendance, we also make sure staff, pupils and families understand that absence from school is a potential safeguarding risk as well as recognising that good, attendance to school is crucial in preparing young people for successful transition to adulthood and to support further learning opportunities and better job prospects. 

Our key principles are to; 

  • Ensure that every child is safe and has their right to education protected which may involve working with external agencies. 
  • Ensure we have clear and consistently applied systems and processes to improve, reward and incentivise attendance and address absences. 
  • Ensure good attendance and punctuality is regularly promoted and achieved, in line with both targets set by the Trust and national expectations. 

Attendance Champions

Attendance Champions (ID 1098)

MEA Attendance - 60 second video guides

MEA Attendance Expectations Good Attendance Starts at Home How to report an Absence

Attendance Target

Moments Matter,  Attendance Counts.
Your child’s Attendance target is 97%+ - no more than 5 days (or 25 lessons) off school per year.

 The Power of Attendance - Full Year

Percentage Lessons Lost Possible GCSE Grade
100% 0 Grade 9
99% 5 Grade 8
98% 15 Grade 7
97% 25 Grade 6
96% 37 Garde 5
94% 50 Grade 4
93% 63 Grade 3
92% 75 Grade 2
90% 83 Grade 1

Reporting Absence

Before reporting an absence for illness, please read through the guidelines on the page below:

Is my child too ill for school? 

Mobile: 07624 806879 (Text only)
Telephone: 01484 222230
Email: absence@edu.moorend.org
Fax: 01484 222233
In cases of absence, parents must inform the Academy using one of the methods above, on the first day of a student’s absence. Parents should still write a note in the planner to the form teacher explaining the student’s absence when they return to the Academy. If the absence is prolonged you may be required to produce a doctor’s note.

We will need to know when the student is expected to return to the Academy.

The Attendance Officer will follow up any unexplained absences, you may receive either a text, a voice message or a phone call.