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Sexting or sending nudes is when someone shares a sexual message, naked or semi-naked image, video or text message with another person. It doesn’t have to be a nude image of them and could be an image of someone else.

Young people can send nudes using phones, tablets and laptops and can share them across any app, site or game, including during a livestream. Many young people also share them on social media channels.

Some of the risks of sexting or sending and sharing nudes for children and young people are: 

  • losing control of the images, videos or messages and how they're shared. Once something's shared online it's public and can be saved or copied by others.
  • blackmail, bullying and harm. Young people can have their photos, messages or videos shared without their consent or be bullied about them. This can lead to them feeling difficult emotions like distress or embarrassment and shame.

 Sexting and Sending Nudes - NSPCC



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If you are worried about yourself or someone else sending or receiving indecent images, speak to The Safeguarding Team at The Academy on 01484 222230.