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Knife Crime


Knife carrying puts your future in danger

When you carry a knife, you are risking everything. Prison, being a victim of crime and even ending up in hospital are all real risks. Beyond this, knife crime has devastating personal effects on you, your friends, and your family.

While some young people pick up a knife to feel safer, they don’t realise that carrying makes them more likely to get into serious danger. A knife can escalate things way out of your control, and make a bad situation much worse.

It might not always seem like it, but putting down the knife will make you safer and help you to reach your full potential. Don’t let prison or serious injury stop you achieving your goals.

Legal Consequences

  1. Carrying a knife can mean four years in prison, even if you don’t use it.
  2. You can get a criminal record just for carrying a knife.
  3. Carrying an offensive weapon, like a knife, is a serious offence and carrying it for self-protection is not a defence.

Emotional Consequences

  1. Carrying a knife doesn’t just have an impact on you; it can affect your family and friends too.

  2. No parent or grandparent would ever want to see their child get injured, go to prison or be killed

  3. It will also impact on your brothers or sisters, if carrying a knife leads you to having serious injuries or losing your life

Personal Consequences

  1. Carry a weapon and it could be used against you

  2. Employers may be less likely to employ someone with a criminal record

  3. Countries such as the USA and Canada may not allow someone with a criminal record in, even just on holiday.

Other Facts

  1. 99% of young people aged 10-29 don’t carry a knife

  2. People who carry a weapon are more likely to be hospitalised with an injury caused by violence

  3. There is no ‘safe place’ to stab someone – any stab can be fatal – and the consequences will be just as severe

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If you are concerned that someone may be involved in or affected by knife crime, please contact a member of the Safeguarding Team on 01484 222230, or use the ‘Report a Safeguarding issue’ button on the school website.