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Excellence in Personal Development Award (EPDA)

We are delighted to announce the Moor End have signed up to complete the Optimus Education Award for Personal Development. 

The EPDA aims to provide schools with a structure and systematic approach to develop a ‘skills for life’ curriculum. The objectives outline the essential requirements to embed a culture and ethos which aims to develop pupils’ personal development and skills. 

This award is an ambitious undertaking but highly rewarding for the whole school community if carried out successfully.  The need for schools to closely address pupils’ personal development and recognise their experiences during the school closures has become all the more critical in the aftermath of the pandemic. Pupils and staff have experienced significant changes to their lives. Many require social and emotional support like never before. Schools that are attuned to these changes are making sure their pastoral support for pupils and well-being for staff is strong and effective. Schools that have been successful in achieving this award so far have testified to its transformational effect across the whole school community. 

Award Case Studies