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Behaviour Hubs

Why is Behaviour Important?

Good behaviour in schools is crucial if pupils are to learn and reach their full potential. As well as delivering excellent teaching, schools should be calm, safe and disciplined environments free from the disruption that prevents teachers from teaching, and pupils from learning.

Strong leadership and a whole school culture with clearly defined and consistent policies are key areas to support the development of effective schools. Evidence also suggests that school to school collaboration is effective at improving school performance, including on behaviour.

What was our motivation for taking part in the programme?

As an accredited 'World Class School', in an area of significant deprivation, our vision is to maximise every child’s potential to ensure we can say we truly gave every student their GCSE passport to success. Positive relationships are central to what we do, along with high quality teaching and pastoral care overseen by strong and passionate leadership.

Our core values of respect, ambition and responsibility underpin everything we do, and we passionately believe that, as educators, we have the power and responsibility to inspire our students to be the best they can be -enabling our learners to pursue their dreams and become the leaders of tomorrow.

Our philosophy is clear: we insist on high standards of behaviour, appearance, work ethic and respect for all to enable our staff to teach our students well, so our students leave with a first-class education.

We firmly believe exceptional behaviour in the classroom is essential for outstanding learning to happen. Central to our behaviour policy is the promotion and encouragement of mutual respect between staff and students, within an atmosphere where courtesy and positivity are the norm. This enables our teachers to do what they do best: teach!

Our motivation for applying for this programme is our passion to transform lives. We work within an area of significant deprivation with 40% of our students identified as pupil premium and 56.8% falling within the bottom 20% of the IDAC. Our behaviour culture has been transformational, and we are keen to share our successful approach.

What is the Behaviour Hubs programme?

The Department for Education (DfE) is funding a 3-year programme to improve pupil behaviour led by their behaviour advisor Tom Bennett, OBE.

The programme pairs schools with excellent behaviour practices, called lead schools, with partner schools who want and need to improve pupil behaviour.

The programme is based on creating a culture: how school leaders can optimise behaviour.

Good behaviour, routines and structures in schools support all pupils’ engagement in education, and their mental health and wellbeing. Schools on this programme will work together to apply these principles to the individual context of the school.

DFE New Behaviour Hub Schools announced

What does participation in the programme mean for Moor End Academy?

Our appointment is reflective of all the hard work that staff and students have put in to help us to establish a highly effective and impactful behaviour culture here at MEA.

Whilst we are pleased to play a role in this programme, we would like to reassure you that maintaining high standards and consistency within our own behaviour culture at MEA remains a key priority for as a lead school and we will continue to demonstrate these high standards around behaviour.

Mrs N Carman (Principal), and Mr D Bellanfante (Assistant Principal) are the in school leads and have completed the induction but will be supported by other staff during the course of the programme.

How will we benefit from our involvement in the programme as a lead school?

To make a difference by supporting other schools to improve their behaviour management practices

To meet and work closely with other excellent schools, expanding our network

To have the opportunity to reflect on effective behaviour practice, considering our own professional development programme for our staff in this area

To showcase our school’s work and be recognised, nationally, as a beacon of excellent behaviour

To have access to all the programme’s resources and training opportunities to further improve our behaviour culture and develop our staff and students