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The Impact of Our Curriculum Offer


Aspirational Learners

Students strive for excellence, showing positive attitudes, and a commitment to learning.

Students know more, remember more, and are able to do more as a result of our quality first teaching.

Students enjoy reading. They read widely and often, with fluency and comprehension of the texts/ genres they engage with.


Challenging Offer

Students are given work that is demanding and matches the aims of the curriculum intent.

Students follow a curriculum which is coherently planned, sequenced and implemented to enable detailed knowledge and skills for future learning and employment.

Students are provided with a wide range of cultural capital opportunities they need to succeed in life.


Passport to Success

Students, including those who are disadvantaged and those who have SEND, make strong progress from starting points across the curriculum, as a result of excellent curriculum implementation.

Students gain qualifications to enable successful progression to relevant and high-quality post 16 destinations that match their interests and aspirations.

Students are ready for the next stage beyond our setting and high rates of students remain in education or training.


Leaders of Tomorrow

Students demonstrate an active understanding of our three core values: Respect, Ambition & Responsibility.

Students have access to a wide, rich set of experiences to develop their strength of character and resilience.

Students develop an understanding beyond the academic curriculum, building powerful knowledge, skills and understanding which enables them to engage, participate and impact positively in our local communities as positive, active and responsible citizens.