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Leading Reading

At Moor End Academy we believe that reading is extremely important. There's no evidence the testing of grammar will improve children's writing, but plenty that daily reading for pleasure does. Students who read often and widely get better at it. After all, practice makes perfect. Reading exercises our brains and improves concentration. Reading teaches students about the world around them, improves their vocabulary and leads to more highly-developed language skills. Reading develops the imagination and helps students develop empathy. Reading relaxes the body and calms the mind.

Students who read do better at school.

Accelerated Programme

At Moor End Academy to help students to become enthusiastic readers we run a programme called Accelerated Reader in Years 7 and 8. With AR, teachers can create a reading programme to meet the needs of every student.

Students will complete a fun online quiz, which will establish their personal reading level, called a Star Test.

They then select a book at the right level from the hundreds available in the Academy Library and read it.

When they finish the book they take an online quiz which will ask them multiple choice questions about the book. When they have finished the questions they get instant feedback on how well they have done. 
Accelerated Reader also provides teachers with immediate information, helping them to monitor the comprehension skills of each student and inform further instruction or intervention. Parents get instant feedback to help motivate success with the use of TOPS reports and Renaissance Home Connect.

To support the Accelerated Reader programme we have a full programme of rewards and trips and all faculties within the Academy take responsibility for the teaching of reading skills.

In 2015_2016 there has been an Improvement of 6 months or greater of 44.9%.

Extra Curricular

At Moor End Academy we have a vibrant library led by Miss Salmon, our committed librarian. Our students actively use the library during their free time; many taking full advantage of research opportunities and computer access in-order to complete their homework.

Miss Salmon and the English staff facilitate the Carniege Reading Group, encouraging wider reading whilst developing the essential skills to access the KS3 Curriculum and beyond. Upon request, Miss Salmon now runs a Manga Reading group to explore this particular popular genre. She is more than happy to develop any further groups based on student voice.

As part of our commitment to the wider school life, we have also welcomed writers and theatre groups this year in-order to bring the written word to life. Year 8 thoroughly enjoyed the poetic joy of Gez Walsh, whilst Year 11 participated in a dramatic version of “An Inspector Calls”. Year 9 got deep and dark in Beaumont Park, exploring the rural surroundings in-order to write Gothic poetry for the local poetry competition. World Book Day saw a celebration of writers whilst 500 Word saw our own budding writers pick up their pens and start their own creative journey.

As a staff body we role model our own passion for reading in-order to build a lifelong love of learning. We clearly endorse the message, that reading gives you words and words give you the world.

Be the BEST - become the LEADERS of tomorrow!


We are well behaved and considerate to all staff and students in our learning community.


We are hard working and have an ambitious attitude to succeed and achieve.


We take ownership and act with
integrity; we always do the right thing.