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Personalisation Strategy

Disadvantaged First

At Moor End Academy we firmly believe that we are responsible for the progress of all students, and that part of this it’s our responsibility to identify and eradicate barriers to progress which exist for some students, or groups of students. All of our staff follow a clear approach to cater for the needs of our Disadvantaged students, and this approach is regularly reviewed and refined based on collaboration with other excellent schools, and recent academic research. Staff are provided with regular professional development from expert practitioners who disseminate their own classroom practice which is evaluated regularly to ensure that impact is seen. 

Stretch and Challenge for High Prior Attainers

Our high prior attaining students are not only stretched in the classroom with challenging and engaging provision which is designed to stretch their thinking and learning, they also get the opportunity to attend conferences and go on educational visits and trips to high performing Colleges and Universities to complement and extend their classroom learning and ambition. In addition to this we are part of the Future First alumni programme to tackle social mobility issues. This partnership enables us to access former students who are role models which ensures we broaden our students’ horizons and raise their expectations and motivation, and hopefully transform their life chances. 

SEND Approach

Moor End has high aspirations for all learners and strongly believes in education as the catalyst for social mobility. Every learner with SEND will leave Moor End as a successful, ambitious young person ready to succeed in life. This will be achieved through high quality inclusive teaching personalised to respond and adapt to individual needs. Every student will receive an ambitious and aspirational curriculum enabling them to make excellent progress from their individual starting points. From transition, accurate and relevant data is used to monitor and measure individual progress. Evidence based, targeted interventions will be used in order to have maximum impact. Moor End works effectively with a range of specialist services and professionals in order to maximise outcomes for students. A comprehensive package of bespoke CPD, reflecting the Moor End context, as well as wider issues in SEND, enables all staff to become excellent practitioners. This will ensure that Moor End can make a tangible difference for all learners, most especially those with SEND.