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World Class Schools Quality Mark (WCSQM) is a charity and national awarding body. World Class Schools is an award in which a school is recognised as 'Beyond Outstanding'. It is the calibre of the student which proves the calibre of the school. If the school is truly World Class then the students will be able to own and demonstrate World Class qualities. Read More

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Moor End Academy

Numeracy at MEA

The overarching aim of our numeracy policy is to provide a framework of skills to tackle a range of academic, practical and real-life problems, enabling students to pursue their dreams for the future. A strong numeracy skillset is fundamental to the achievement of a rich and fulfilling life; research identifies a clear link between numeracy, wellbeing and socio-economic opportunities.
The Moor End Academy approach to numeracy encourages students to see a problem as mathematical, to look for mathematical solutions and to spot patterns and connections across the curriculum. As part of this, we help students build ‘mathematical resilience’ by enabling them to see the personal value of mathematics, to regularly practise key skills and by instilling the belief that they can improve with effort.