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Music Development Plan




Academic year that this summary covers


Date this summary was published

July 2024

Date this summary will be reviewed

March 2025

Name of the school music lead

S Dalton

Name of school leadership team member with responsibility for music (if different)

L Barnett

Name of local music hub

Musica Kirklees

Name of other music education organisation(s) (if partnership in place)



This is a summary of how our school delivers music education to all our pupils across three areas – curriculum music, co-curricular provision and musical experiences – and what changes we are planning in future years. This information is to help pupils and parents or carers understand what our school offers and who we work with to support our pupils’ music education.

Part A: Curriculum Music

This is about what we teach in lesson time, how much time is spent teaching music and any music qualifications or awards that pupils can achieve.

At Moor End Academy, pupils study music for one hour per week (two hours per fortnight) in Key Stage 3.

Pupils who choose music as an option (BTEC Tech Award in Music Practice) will study music for five hours per fortnight.

Our curriculum is informed by the Model Music Curriculum (MMC).

Pupils have the opportunity to learn to play and develop on keyboard, ukulele (leading to guitar and bass guitar) and using music technology throughout Year 7-9. In Year 7-9 pupils work individually and in pairs to develop as keyboard players. Whole-class ukulele tuition takes place in Year 7 and Year 8. Pupils experience whole-class drumming in Year 8 and pupils work in small groups to combine their keyboard, ukulele (and guitar) percussion (drumming) skills as part of a band.

Pupils begin to use simple DAW software (launchpad) to create EDM (electronic dance music) in Year 8, and develop to using Garageband in increasing depth during Year 9.

Moor End works closely with Musica Kirklees (local music hub) on classroom and co-curricular music. We also have strong working partnerships with the other secondary schools in the MAT, working together on curriculum planning, delivery, assessment and extra-curricular activities, including joint concerts and other music-making events.

Pupils have the opportunity to study Music in Year 10 and Year 11 through the BTEC Tech Award in Music Practice.

Part B: Co-curricular Music (Music Tuition and Extra-curricular Music)

This is about opportunities for pupils to sing and play music, outside of lesson time, including choirs, ensembles and bands, and how pupils can make progress in music beyond the core curriculum.

At Moor End, pupils have the opportunity to receive high-quality small-group tuition on violin, cello or guitar. These lessons take place during the school day in a variety of venues around the school building, and are offered free of charge. Our primary provider for instrumental tuition is Musica Kirklees (local music hub).

In Yr 7, all pupils also participate in whole-class singing workshops, leading to showcase events at the end of each day.


Pupils can join one of a number of ensembles. These include choir, pop/rock bands and ukulele group.

There is also a DJ club, and an orchestra which rehearses at the end of each term, ready for performances.

Pupils can borrow instruments from school for practice (this is free) and there are practice rooms available before school and during break and lunch for private practice and small group rehearsal.

Part C: Musical events and performances.

This is about all the other musical events and opportunities that we organise, such as singing in assembly, concerts and shows, and trips to professional concerts.

Pupils in Yr 7 will attend a concert at the end of the Autumn term, featuring performances by pupils showcasing their classroom work (ukuleles, bands, solo or pair performance work), extra-curricular clubs and pupils who have instrumental lessons in school and privately.

All pupils and parents will be invited to a Summer concert in July, again showcasing high-quality music which takes place both in and out of lessons. This concert is free to pupils and parents.

In addition, there are a number of smaller concerts which take place during the school year – performing for Yr 5 and Yr 6 on transition days, in the canteen at lunchtime and in assemblies. These all showcase classroom music making and extra-curricular music.

All of Yr 7 will be involved in whole-class singing workshops with visiting singing specialists; there is a performance as part of this.

Pupils can take part in a range of trips to perform outside of the Academy. These include performing for the residents in local care homes (planned for December 2024), at our feeder primary schools and in joint concerts at other secondary schools in the Trust.

We hope to be able to invite the Musica Teacher Orchestra into the Academy to perform for Yr 8 at the end of the Autumn term.

In the future

This is about what the school is planning for subsequent years.

We hope to be able to expand our co-curricular offer by increasing the amount of instrumental teaching time available, as well as increasing the opportunities for pupils to experience live performance.