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Five Strand Enrichment Programme

Our five strand enrichment programme was devised to most effectively provide the varied, engaging and effective foundation needed to give our students the best possible opportunities in their academic careers, and in adult life. Whilst many of the enrichment activities overlap and interlink within the strands, we felt it was important to provide students with a range of choices, building and constantly developing a tangible, necessary skill set.

Our students have the opportunity to access a range of clubs, events and activities across all five strands throughout the year. Each activity is promoted by Student Leadership Ambassadors, and yearly Enrichment Challenges and Awards further motivate students to engage with enrichment opportunities.

Professional Skills  (Red)


Debate Club 

Write Club 

Mock Trials  

CSI Club 

Photoshop Club

MFL Club 

Health and Wellbeing  (Yellow)

Diversity Club

Time to Talk

Walking Club

Cooking Club

Community Enrichment  (Green)

Ecoschools Committee

Model UN (Debate)

Volunteering Projects and Exchanges

Artsmark Award

Student Council and Student Leadership Group

Sports and Leadership  (Blue)

PE enrichment Calendar

Boxing Cub

Personal Development  (Purple)

Film Club

Science Club

Lego Club

Games Club

Pi Club

Book Club

Drama Club


Art Club

Music Club

50 enrichment ambitions 

Our personal development journey contains the above electives programme; we expect all of our students to sign up and try an elective which interests them each half term. In addition, all students receive an enrichment passport which contains 50 enrichment ambitions which we expect our students to have completed before they transition to the next phase of their education at KS5.