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Educational Visits

We provide a wide range of educational visits for every year group to support our delivery of the curriculum including visits to Theatre productions, pantomimes, student events at local Colleges/Universities, mock trial competition at Leeds Courts, various sporting tournaments and residential visits.

Educational visits are an effective way for us to enhance the cultural experience of our learners.  We have seen a marked increase in visits over the last year and hope to see this to continue "Learning Outside the Classroom" in the coming year!  

 2022/23 has already seen our GCSE PE students take on a course at indoor rock climbing, the PE department have worked tirelessly to organise various Football/Rugby visits to allow our students to participate in tournaments so students can experience competitive sporting events.

Enrichment activities for specific students have included a pantomime visit (special production to allow VI students to enjoy the experience), the imperial war museum. As well as a classical music concert at Huddersfield Town Hall.

Previously in 2020 we had a very popular Ski trip to Italy, not only was this the opportunity for students to learn to ski but also experience a different country and culture.

Sporting events have included Manchester united Europa League football match, he recent Rugby League World Cup semi-final in Leeds and a number of Manchester City football matches.

Coastal visits were an integral part of the Geography course delivery.

Various activities associated with the Duke of Edinburgh award which included camping, orienteering etc

We are hopeful for further opportunities in the coming years for our students to experience educational European trips, more event visits  and another Ski trip!