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At South Pennine Academies, we want every student to have the best possible chance to achieve in school. Stronger partnerships with families, local businesses, community agencies and universities are essential as we focus on improving student outcomes.

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Moor End Academy

What You Will See @ Moor End


  • The vision is clear and aspirational and leaders are creating an ethos based on strong relationships and a culture of mutual respect.
  • The first thing that hits you at MEA is the feeling of the place. The ethos is there for all to see and feel. It permeates throughout the establishment as staff work as a collective team who go above and beyond for our school community.
  • Leaders set high expectations of pupils and staff. Our core values of respect, ambition and responsibility underpin everything we do on a daily basis and staff lead by example to create a culture of respect and tolerance
  • The staff are buoyant in their attitudes, morale is high and they are fully behind the principal’s vision.
  • A strong culture of high expectations and accountability now exists within the Academy. More effective quality assurance procedures are in place to check and evaluate the school’s work.
  • A strong culture of safeguarding and pastoral care for students permeates the academy. Training for staff includes level 1 online safeguarding training alongside regular in house training to highlight some of the key themes/ aspects at both a local and national level.
  • Actions taken by leadership have transformed behaviour and attitudes as well as learning and teaching. A culture of high quality teaching and pastoral care, overseen by strong and passionate leadership are now fully embedded which will enable us to strive to achieve our ambitious vision of being the best!

Quality of Education

  • An extensive review of the curriculum has taken place and the Academy is now well placed to provide a curriculum that both meets the needs of students and which is planned and sequenced coherently to effectively build upon prior knowledge and skills, and allow for retention of what has been learnt to maximise progress.
  • Teachers at MEA know that we have the power and responsibility to inspire and motivate our students to be the best. The bedrock of this is a consistently high-quality diet in the classroom, and our research tells us that a structured and meaningful use of time will enable our students to succeed.
  • Our 5 phase lessons begin with pace, and the Grapple activity immediately engages students with independent learning. Staff use a range of strategies to check student progress and understanding through each phase of the lesson, and students are encouraged to collaborate with one another to share – and reflect upon – their learning journey. 
  • Questioning is a strength at MEA, and a range of strategies are used to elicit high quality responses, with students encouraged to develop their oracy and articulate themselves with clarity and confidence.
  • As each lesson progresses, it will become increasingly student-led, to the point where students complete work independently before reflecting on progress made. This is part of our Red Zone strategy, where children increase their resilience by tackling meaningful and well-planned tasks to demonstrate their ability perform with autonomy
  • Our students are not just compliant in lessons; they are active participants in their learning and they appreciate the consistently high-quality diet that they receive.
  • We invest in our staff, so that they can – in turn – invest in our students. We have high expectations of every aspect of practice at MEA, and this is modelled by our teachers so that the students benefit from the clear ambition we have for their success.  We provide our staff with the time and the resources to develop into exceptional practitioners is fundamental to our pedagogical success at MEA. 
  • In addition to ongoing feedback and bespoke training, staff are also part of cross-curricular groups who reflect on academic research and run micro-trials to test out strategies and approaches.

Behaviour and Attitudes

  • The Academy is a safe and caring environment in which students show respect for each other and adults.
  • Relationships between teachers and students are strong, creating a very positive environment for learning.
  • The Academy is a highly orderly environment and students conduct themselves well throughout the day.
  • Students respond quickly to instructions and requests from staff, allowing lessons to flow smoothly and without interruption. Low-level disruption is rare.
  • In lessons, students are ambitious, confident, self-assured and engaged learners. They rise to the challenge of high expectations and work hard in lessons and demonstrate pride in the presentation in their work. The vast majority of students make the most of every minute of their lessons, with no time wasted.
  • Students wear their uniform with pride and are proud to be Moor Enders.
  • Students enjoy coming to school and attendance currently stands above national average.

Personal Development

  • We whole heartedly believe that we have the power and responsibility to inspire our students to become leaders of tomorrow, by creating a positive school climate based on a feeling of belonging and strong positive pupil-teacher relationships.
  • Student voice is powerful at the academy, and each tutor group is represented on the School Council, which meets termly with the Principal. Student voice has ensured both operational and strategic change; following feedback both tutor period and the five phase lesson were amended to incorporate collaboration. Our students have the confidence to express their views and challenge the status quo, but always in a respectful manner.
  • In year 11 our Student Leadership Group is ably led by our Head Boy and Girl, who plan and oversee key stakeholder events such as Open Evening, in addition to campus wide collaboration and supporting KS1 students. This group also enhances our SMSC offer by leading on the annual charity plan.
  • CEIAG – We hold the CEIAG Quality in Standards benchmark, and have recently introduced a bespoke learning platform to capture student intentions and aspirations; this data is shared with curriculum areas so that bespoke and targeted enrichment activities can be planned. Our CEIAG offer is further enhanced by enrichment including work experience in year 10, D of E and engaging with both careers and apprenticeship fairs. Transition from KS4 to 5 is a real strength, and NEET is well below local and national at 0.57%
  • Mental health and wellbeing: students are supported fully to ensure that they are able to cope with the demands placed upon them, and we have a fully trained Mental Health First Aider who is also ELSA trained. The academy has recently been awarded silver level of the Carnegie Schools Mental Health Award and is expected to achieve gold by July 2020. Our role in the NHS Trailblazer project has secured additional support.
  • Extra-curricular/enrichment offer: The socio-economic background of the majority of our students means that we take any and every opportunity to develop our students to ensure their potential is achieved. Our curriculum provides pupils with the opportunity to access a multitude of extra-curricular and enrichment activities to expand their personal development. Year 11 students are expected to lead their learning and attend a minimum of two boosters per week. In year 7 all students are expected to attend different electives each half term to ensure that they are reaping the full benefit from the academy offer. To further ensure that each student reaches their potential all year 7 students are given an enrichment passport; this incorporates 50 challenges which they must achieve by the end of year 11. This curriculum offer ensures that every student leaves us equipped with the confidence and skills needed to take their place in society. 


Be the BEST - become the LEADERS of tomorrow!


We are well behaved and considerate to all staff and students in our learning community.


We are hard working and have an ambitious attitude to succeed and achieve.


We take ownership and act with
integrity; we always do the right thing.