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World Class Schools Quality Mark (WCSQM) is a charity and national awarding body. World Class Schools is an award in which a school is recognised as 'Beyond Outstanding'. It is the calibre of the student which proves the calibre of the school. If the school is truly World Class then the students will be able to own and demonstrate World Class qualities. Read More

World Class Schools

Moor End Academy

Suspension Analysis

2018 marked a significant change in our Academies expectations. We introduced the PD system which has encouraged students to self-regulate their behaviour, and students are recognised for the continuous hard work and effort through our reward system.

Our suspension rates have been consistently below national for the last three years.  The total percentage of students suspended last year in 2020/2021 was 5.24%, in comparison to the National figure of 10.75% in 2018/2019.  Our suspensions have also seen a 77% reduction from 2020/2021 in comparison to 2018/2019.

There have been no permanent exclusions in the last 3 years.

July 2022

16-17 17-18 18-19 19-20 20-21 21-22 22-23 YTD
No. 98 148 96 59 54 51 18
% 10.7 16 9.6 5.9 5.3 4.96 1.73