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World Class Schools Quality Mark (WCSQM) is a charity and national awarding body. World Class Schools is an award in which a school is recognised as 'Beyond Outstanding'. It is the calibre of the student which proves the calibre of the school. If the school is truly World Class then the students will be able to own and demonstrate World Class qualities. Read More

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Moor End Academy

Staff Voice

What are the best things about working at this academy? - (2021-22)

  • The people - Staff as a whole are very supportive and its great when we're able to mix with other departments. The support from SLT - SLT listen and regular catch ups with the principal makes you feel valued.
  • The focus on superb, dynamic and innovative teaching, the lack of micromanaging, and the enforcement of the no email rule (at certain times) has had a magnificent effect
  • The training available. The behavioural policy is far superior to other high schools locally and behaviour is significantly better than at other schools.
  • Approachable senior leadership team who listen and are willing to have a discussion about new ideas and approaches. High standards of student behaviour.
  • A proactive, visible and passionate leadership team. The way we support the most disadvantaged students to achieve their potential.
  • The teachers/colleagues I work with The culture of respect, ambition and responsibility embedded in all students and staff


Staff working conditions and well-being survey (2020/21)

  • Help, support and encouragement from line manager - I am not micro-managed, and am generally left to get on with work. It is much appreciated as this does not happen in all workplaces!
  • The cleanliness of public spaces and offices is brilliant, especially during COVID-19.
  • My department and curriculum leader are amazing. I feel so supported all of the time. I also love the PD policy and the relationships made with students. I feel like the policy makes it easier to foster and maintain those relationships.
  • Having a specific room from which to teach, and sharing that with my regular job share partner so that the room, equipment and student books remain organised and ready for lessons.
  • Work life balance is taken into consideration before we are asked to do anything.
  • Behaviour is not an issue in the lesson – very rarely do I need to give sanctions out.
  • The forward looking Principal who makes things happen for the better without unnecessary delay. The friendly and respectful communication with staff or students.
  • The Behaviour/PD system and support from pastoral care. The hard work that all staff put in for our students and sharing good practice ethos.
  • I like that my line manager trusts me to get on with my job and the support from all staff whenever I need it.
  • Supportive colleagues. Good relationships with students facilitated by a very clear behaviour management system.
  • The feeling of mutual respect between myself and colleagues, including those in leadership positions. The students are all fantastic to work with. Having time in school without them has allowed me to reflect on how great it is when they are all in school.
  • I appreciate everyone who works here and how they are all approachable. Furthermore, I also appreciate the approach the school takes when conducting events such as observations and PD.
  • Senior management with an open door approach, visual on corridors and positive interactions that take place. Decisions are genuinely made with the students best interests at heart.
  • Positivity and the strength of the team. Amazing staff and supportive environment that allows us to deal with the stresses and strains of the job. Fantastic place to be.
  • The support provided by both my department in particular and the academy in general. The team attitude that is created every day throughout the academy.
  • The students I work with make me love my job. Nature of my role - has been challenging since September (Covid) but we are all in the same boat.
  • The whole school staff body. Especially my manager and the principal. I feel extremely welcome in this school.
  • Positive working environment. Mutual respect shown by students and teachers.
  • Strong head teacher and behaviour policy.
  • Positive ethos, respect between staff and SLT.

Staff working conditions and well-being survey (2019/20)

  • The staff - we work as one and are totally committed to the vision. World class! SLT regularly ask for staff voice and actually take note of suggestions and implement when they can. If not, they will feedback and say why not.
  • The 5 phase lesson is incredibly straightforward for both staff planning and students accessing lessons. The working atmosphere within my department is very positive and supportive.
  • The Dedication of all the staff to their roles within school, the teamwork displayed by all staff and that there is always someone to talk to if you are in need if support or help.
  • The staff team. Everyone is supportive of each other and I feel we are a strong team.
  • Senior staff (including the Principal) are extremely visible and approachable.
  • Leadership that actually listens and tries to help with the problems you might be facing. The students actually appreciate the hard work that goes into their lessons.
  • The constant presence and support of SLT around the school and in lessons. The support and encouragement received from other members of staff at the school.
  • The leadership team, members of staff and students at MEA are all respected as equals. All at MEA care about your success, welfare and well-being. The colleagues I work with, both in the Data team and the general office. Helpful & co-operative teaching staff & year heads.
  • Staff are very understanding and friendly. Extra work - demonstration results, models - is always recognised and appreciated.
  • Support from Senior Leaders - friendly, supportive and driven The rapid improvements in recent years (behaviour and teaching)

Staff Feedback 2018/19

  • A very good place to work with an excellent atmosphere that is driven from the top.
  • How visible Kash is around the corridors and driving lessons.
  • This is a place where you can express your feelings and concerns and know that they will be looked at and taken seriously.
  • PD is working in a fair and consistent way.
  • Red Zone exam question is a brilliant way to prepare our students for their GCSE’s.
  • Support/staff development – lots of opportunities. Thank you.
  • Professional conversations overwhelmingly positive.
  • Behaviour throughout the academy is amazing
  • Teaching and Learning – questioning and differentiation of Red Zone.
  • Secure discipline structure – thank you.
  • Amazing, supportive and visible SLT.
  • I really like the 5 phase lesson plan
  • Consistency of lesson format.
  • Development opportunities for MLT.
  • Positive, purposeful atmosphere in school.
  • A really solid, consistent and supportive senior leadership team
  • A ‘team front’ across faculties to do the best for our students.
  • With behaviour in control we can challenge students academically.
  • Thank you for reducing the amount of data drops for next year.
  • The positivity around school, this makes a huge difference in terms of enjoying our jobs.
  • Shifting the focus to teaching and learning – staff now chat about techniques rather than behaviour – we are sharing good behaviour all the time.
  • Increased SLT presence – including drop ins and learning walks. I now feel we are all working towards the same goals.  The drop ins and learning walks mean SLT notice the hard work we do and we get regular constructive feedback on our practice.
  • Stronger leadership
  • We feel like a team.
  • Our students are keen to succeed.
  • Workload seems to be cared about and adjusted for.
  • Commitment to staff wellbeing.
  • SLT invested in and believe in staff.
  • Staff comradery is high and encouraged.
  • Clear 5 phase lesson helps with the further development of skills.
  • Staff are fantastic, welcoming and very caring. A really good support system.