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South Pennine Academies

South Pennine Academies are our sponsor and works in partnership to raise levels of attainment and aspirations of all students.   As our sponsor, South Pennine Academies is very well placed to create a unique institution characterised by high achievement and success. The Trust has a national reputation for excellence and has a solid track record of partnership working with employers, universities and local schools.  The benefits that South Pennine Academies brings are immense, adding their expertise and ideas as well as opening up life-enhancing opportunities to all in Moor End Academy.  The key to the Academy’s success will be the development of a shared vision, effective and transformational leadership and management, robust partnership arrangements and the highest standard of focused teaching and learning which guarantees students learning and success.  This all needs to be achieved amongst a strong and cohesive staff body. Students will show good manners, work hard and be honest at all times. They will learn, share and succeed together.

The Trust Vision

To develop a group of closely partnered academies.   To ensure all academies are world class centres of excellence for teaching, learning and progress.   To ensure the trust plays a pivotal role in improving the life chances of students.   To ensure that local solutions and partnerships meet local needs.   To focus on school improvement with inclusion and diversity at the core.

Key Priorities

  • Strong and Effective Leaders

  • High Performing Staff

  • Successful Students

  • Engaged Community

High Performing Staff

Targeted strategies are used to ensure teachers, support and business support staff have the capability and flexibility to deliver high quality educational opportunities and services.  Highly effective professional development is essential for all staff.   Working with Teaching Schools and local providers, ensures that staff needs are met, whilst maintaining a clear focus on local and national priorities.  A highly productive, happy workforce is essential in sustained school improvement.

Successful students

Every student, in every phase needs a personalised approach.  We ensure opportunities in response to individual needs and empower individuals to contribute to their communities and continue to learn throughout their lives.  A rich curriculum is essential, providing opportunities that lead to highly engaged students, who are articulate and communicate effectively.  Students who feel their contributions are valued, students who become highly effective members of society.

Engaged community

Nurturing and maintaining positive, valuable relationships between school staff, students, their families and the broader community leads to improved outcomes for students. Local community capacity is strengthened when it is built on trust, respect for others, common goals and high expectations for students’ achievement. We are committed to engaging strategies to ensure our key priorities are not only met but exceeded wherever possible.

Trust Partners

Beaumont Primary Academy

Brambles Primary Academy

Greenacres Primary Academy

Moor End Academy

Orchard Primary Academy

Park Lane Academy

Waterhead Academy

Huddersfield Horizon SCITT

Woodlands Primary Academy

Willowpark Primary Academy

Hillside Primary School

Kirkheaton Primary School 


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