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Rapid Improvement Committee

Following a meeting of the Standards Review Board a Rapid Improvement Board (RIB) will be established by the Local Academy Board (LAB) for the educational improvement of the Academy.

The RIB will determine the appropriate standards and targets to be met, closely monitor and review the achievement of pupils, and the quality of teaching and learning.

The Terms of Reference are as follows:           

  • Members of the RIB will hold office until such time as the Trustees are satisfied that the RIB is no longer required.
  • Membership of the RIB will be:-
    • Chair of the Local Academy Board
    • MAT Senior Leader, Educational Standards and Improvement
    • 2 Members elected by the LAB
  • The RIB will hold to account the Interim Principal and the Senior Leadership Team.
  • The RIB may make such arrangements as they see fit for the discharge of their functions by or through any other person(s). The RIB may delegate appropriate powers and authority to the Chair and/or Interim Principals to facilitate decision-making.
  • The RIB Board will meet 4 times before the end of the Summer term, to monitor improvement, and to ensure that the pace is maintained.
  • RIB members will commit to attending all meetings, unless due to personal circumstances or work related matters, in which case the Chair will be notified in advance.
  • The Principal, and other members of the senior leadership team will be in attendance
  • RIB members will adhere to the Code of Conduct for members of Public Bodies and comply (where applicable) with the latest version of the Academies Financial Handbook.
  • The RIB will report to the LAB.

Meetings will follow the following Agenda:-

  • Standards MAT Senior Leader presents – Academy responds (30 mins)
  • Improving Leadership – Academy presents (30 mins)
  • Improving the quality of teachings – Academy presents (30 mins)
  • AOB