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Moor End Academy

Middle Leaders

Sophie Morrison – Subject Leader of Performing Arts

Sophie’s interest in Drama is rooted in her childhood, having attended Musical Theatre clubs since she was old enough to walk. From acting in school productions, to working with external theatre groups, and taking part in music recitals both in and outside of education, Sophie grabbed every opportunity to take the stage.

In 2012, this passion for performance enabled Sophie to create and organise a successful “battle of the bands” event, raising thousands for a personal charity and bringing together a school community through a shared love of music. It is this passion that she brings to the role as Leader of Drama. Having graduated from the University of Huddersfield with a degree in English Language and Creative Writing, Sophie is passionate about the conception, development and devising process, meaning students have many varied opportunities to express themselves artistically, bring their interests into the subject, and develop themselves socially, as well as academically. Her belief is that Drama provides a jumping off point for any number of social skills: from confidence and resilience, to creation and innovation. She values the kindness and collaboration that is built through working as a collective, and uses this trust as a way to explore classical and modern theatre as a medium for challenging personal and social issues, giving voice to those who sometimes feel voiceless and building the confidence, resilience and reflectiveness that she believes is needed for any successful student.