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Steve Dalton – Subject Leader of Performing Arts

Steve was once described by a senior member of staff as ‘relentlessly enthusiastic’, and it is this enthusiasm and passion for teaching others how to experience and enjoy music which drives him at school.

A native of the mighty West Midlands, he came to study Music Technology at the University of Huddersfield in 2001, studying under world-class electroacoustic musicians, Prof Monty Adkins and Prof Michael Clarke. In addition to teaching Music (and History) at Moor End, Steve has also succeeded in leadership roles; he led the Academy move to Office365 and developed the use of iPads in teaching and learning, as well as leading the very successful Citizenship Theme Day in 2018.

Steve is a committed Christian who is joyfully involved in church work in the community. He also enjoys spending time with his wife and children, as well as playing guitar and badminton.