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Dale Harden – Subject Leader of History

Dale has been a teacher of History since 1995. After completing his first degree at the University of York, he worked in the car industry for four years, running repair centres in Sheffield and travelling around the country to help improve his company in order to achieve British and European awards for the best training, recruitment and ethical standards. His focus changed in 1994 when he decided that a History teaching career would be the next step on his journey. After training at the University of Sheffield, Dale then spent the next twenty four years teaching in Doncaster. After 5 years he qualified as an Advanced Skills Teacher and spent a rewarding time helping all of the schools in Doncaster develop their Citizenship and History teaching and Learning. This lead to appointment as a Senior Leader and allowed Dale to branch out and support his schools in a much wider way, teaching new subjects, running a Maths department and supporting students both inside and outside school.

Sport has always been a passion for Dale with Rugby League and Union still forming much of his activity outside of teaching. He has coached teams from the smallest juniors to U-18 level and still enjoys the odd gentle session training players new and old. Dale is something of a machine enthusiast and particularly loves watching old racing cars, historic sports cars and aeroplanes of all description. Indeed, Dale flew his first plane at the age of 16, solo before he could legally drive a car.

He still lives in Sheffield, has supported one son through a History degree, with another about to start forensic anthropology in 2020. Weightlifting consumes much of his leisure time and he is currently deadlifting, pressing and squatting very heavy things in any free time he has. His target is to start powerlifting in the Masters division by 2020!