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Write Club - Happy Holidays

The Write Club is organised by the English Faculty and runs every Friday after school.  

In the Winter Writing Competition, the students were given the title ‘Happy Holidays’ and asked to create any kind of poem they wished, linked to the title, as part of Write Club. A keen year 7 student worked on creating his poem over the course of the month.

He constantly changed and edited his poem, in order to produce the final piece above, which won first place in the Winter Writing Competition.

The student struggled over what type of poem he wanted to produce and tried out several types of poems before settling on the one below.

Happy Holidays

I heard thou say on Christmas Day,
“Joy and peace to one and all.”
All round the tree we danced with glee.
Then we heard a robin’s call.

A ribbon of the deepest red, a crimson
Red we both averred.
And so we take it from the snow and
Hand it to a passing bird.

“Oh thank you so much!” She replied;
“A garland for my nest.
I say, today’s a special day –
One different from all the rest.”

Away she flew, the crimson trim
Ripping round her feet,
And wore it so that all could see her
Decorations round the street.

As my gazed drifted down,
I looked into the tiny window,
The stringed lights all ‘round
Looked as if they made the wind glow

I saw the lights were on a tree,
A Christmas Tree at that,
I looked up to see its topper,
An angel round and fat.

As my view floated down,
I saw all the décor
Hung on the tree, a small lion ornament,
It was if I could hear it roar.

Another piece of decoration on the green tree,
A tiny little bauble,
My lovely view was interrupted quite quickly
By the sound of the doorbell.

I looked to the door from which the
Sound had come.
A man was counting his gifted money and
And had given the peasants some.

I felt the Christmas spirit,
Especially in his heart,
And I felt that for the peasants he had,
Set some apart!

I realised it was Father Christmas and
My expression filled with glee,
Then I realised he had even turned and
Said hello to me.

As my gaze once more drifted far,
Far away.
I looked towards the stable and saw a
Horse munching hay.

All the horses were wearing jolly Christmas wear.
As I looked closer,
I noticed,
Some even had brushed hair.

It was getting dark,
Dark and very late.
As I thought about tomorrow, I realised,
The day had been great.

I yawned as night descended and
Realised the day had ended.