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Write Club

Write Club takes place every Friday between 3:15 and 4:00PM, and is run by Miss Morrison and Miss Sweeney. It attracts a wide variety of students from all year groups. Each week we see a tight knit group of regulars, who have attended every Friday without fail, for over a Year; you’ll find a small sample of their work below, from a variety of sessions, that have taken place this term:

Luke Year 10
The mountains rolled
To the sky above
And down to the lake
The mountains rolled.
The water rippled
The shoreline warped
And the wind blew.
The water rippled.

The trees swayed
The leaves flickered
And the sounds echoed.
The trees swayed.

The engine ripped.
It cut the silence
And everything stood still.
The engine ripped.

The water parted
As the boat sailed
And the echoes deafened.
The water parted.

Ravjoyt Year 8
The snow danced across the ice,
as the snowflakes sang 
in sync, with pride.

The spirit of Christmas
tingled the children’s bodies
with joy and excitement.
It’s Christmas after all. 

The reindeers pranced,
leaving trails of mistletoe berries,
surrounding the streets.
Couples would cherish
their love for one another,
on this special occasion. 

Hibba Year 8
Only 10% of the human population remained. The few remaining survivors were doctors or professors, trying to work out the cure, to the wave of contamination, that became global.
One survivor, Melody Walker, decided to take drastic action. She was packing the essentials, including two or three test tubes, just in case. Suddenly, the girl heard banging on the front door. Unexpectedly, she heard a loud crash, which she instantly assumed was her front door being completely flattened. Zombies started to pile in, and she felt a light tap on her back. And that was when the world turned black.