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A Trip to the University of York

Trip to the University of York

Our year 10 students from the Access project had a magnificent day out at the University of York on Thursday 29th February.

The day out included a tour of the campus, which has an impressive 11 colleges and a range of facilities for students to enjoy, including Greggs place, a library that has over 1 million books and the YUSU ( York University Student Union).

Students took part in several workshops and a lecture. The workshops included students thinking about their strengths and skills they need for when they leave school. It included a game of bingo which included some famous celebrities. The second workshop included students debating whether the social media was a force for good or bad. The overall debate ended in a 50/50 split when voting. In the archaeology lecture students used soft stone to create jewellery that has been discovered from the late stone age.

Our students were commended for their behaviour and engagement throughout the day. A fabulous and inspiring day out for our year 10’s!

Mrs Akhtar