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The Big Cheesy Quiz

The Big Cheesy Quiz has become a popular annual House Event at Moor End Academy over the past few years. Both students and staff competed to become the overall quiz masters on the night. The event kicked off with Round 1 which was based on the House System and Academy History. Pupils conferred over questions such as ‘Who is the longest serving member of staff at the Academy?’ As you can imagine we had a range of interesting answers for this one! Once the round was over pupils swapped and marked answer sheets.

The famous ‘Head or Tails’ game was then introduced where ALL staff and pupils participated. This game became extremely competitive, the winner receiving a chocolate prize. Other rounds included Sports, General Knowledge and Music and Culture.

The highlight of the night was at the end of the quiz when Mr Kalischer, Mr Tingle and Miss Awty took the mic to tell (what they thought were) funny jokes… the crowd went silent!

Prize vouchers were awarded to the participants of the winning tutor group which were 9FN of Plato House who had an impressive combined score of 43 points! A close second place was awarded to 9GG of Gandhi House with a notable combined score of 41 points! Third place was joint awarded to 11KHU of Da Vinci House and 11SD of Elion House.

Refreshments for the night were sold by pupils from 9PW for their ‘Giving Nation Challenge’. A huge thank you to all students and staff who attended and bought refreshments on the night. 

Overall Results

1st Gandhi 2nd Elion 3rd Plato 4th Da Vinci