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Moor End Academy

Stretch and Challenge Mock

Top 10 Year 10 Historians Entered for Year 11 Mock Exam

In the history department, we strive to achieve the highest outcomes for our students, and encourage them to believe that, with hard work, they can achieve all they set out to! ‘Stretch and Challenge’ is an enormously important part of raising our students’ aspirations and showing they can ‘be the best’. As a result, within each round of Y11 mock exams we enter the top Y10 historians alongside them, to showcase the talent and potential our younger students have. Two of our students included Carla Edwards and Polly Meese-Simpson who achieved a Grade 7 and Grade 8 respectively; they are real role models to other students in their year group, as our history department strongly believe that students of all academic abilities can excel when they work hard. Carla has reflected that, “passing the mock has made me realise that it doesn’t matter what band you are in, what matters is how much effort you put in”, whilst Polly reflected that, “sitting two history mocks in the hall has opened my eyes to the reality of mocks and GCSEs and the overall exam system.” Polly says, “how you have done in the past does not reflect how you can do in the future.” What fantastic students we have at Moor End Academy.

Alex Barraclough - Curriculum Leader of Humanities