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Reading Friends July 2017

During the Summer term a new group – Reading Friends - started meeting Library at Moor End Academy.

Once a week a group of Reception children from Beaumont Primary Academy came to the Library at and read with a specially selected group of Year 8 and Year 9 students.

The idea was to promote an enjoyment of reading and to do this by using our students (the Reading Friends) as role models to the younger children.

During the sessions, Reading Friends helped the children to choose books.  They then read to and with the children, and encouraged them to do some reading themselves.

One of the Year 9 Reading Friend has said:
“I feel like I have introduced them to new words and have given them more confidence.”

As well as being able to model good reading habits for the children, the fact that they have come into the Academy on a weekly basis has helped broaden their horizons and given them a taster of ‘big school’! 

Mrs Thompson, Early Years Leader at Beaumont Primary, said:
“The children have really enjoyed it, and we have been discussing how great the Moor End students are at engaging them and making them feel comfortable.”

Reading Friends is always looking for volunteers.  The next recruitment drive will be in the Autumn term so keep a look out and keep reading!

Mrs Salmon, Librarian