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Poetry Success for Year 7 Student

Over the last 12 months,  there has been heartache and tragedy across the world in relation to the Black Lives Matter movement.

One of our very own students, Jeremiah, decided to express his thoughts and feelings about these events through a powerful and
emotive poem which you can read below. After writing the poem, Jeremiah decided to enter a Young Writers poetry competition and the successful candidates had the opportunity to publish their poetry in a book. I am delighted to share that Jeremiah was successful and his poem is now published in ‘A Poetry Odyssey - A Collection Of Verse’. I am sure we can all agree that this is absolutely exceptional news and we are all incredibly proud of Jeremiah’s achievements.  Well done Jeremiah!

Black Lives Matter Poem by Jeremiah

It’s been too hard living,
But I’m afraid to die.
They say put your hands behind your head,
I start to cry.
I want equality, I need unity,
Yes we can do this with an opportunity.
We’re on a mission,
A great expedition,
To tell the world