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Picture Inspired!

Students in Write Club were given two pictures of very opposing scenes; one picture encapsulated a beautiful Winter’s Day and the other picture captured a striking Summer’s Day. Students were asked to partner up and produce a piece of work each, following the same form and style of writing as their partner, but inspired by two very different scenes. Note: not all students partnered up.

Please see below for some of the wonderful examples of work produced:

Charlotte (Year 9) took the two pictures and used them to inspire a small collection of four poems, each in the same style as the last, and covering the four seasons.


Trees green and yellow.


Clouds fluffy in the blue sky.



The snow twinkles on the ground,

Streams of icicles.

The flowers dead in cold ice.



The red leaves fall from the trees

Purple flowers die

Halloween is near



Summer is approaching

Spring is coming to an end

Chickens fly from their nests

A Year 7 student worked alone and picked the Winter’s Day, and gave it a twist. Find his macabre description below:

The deathly storm raged, howled and shrieked around the infinitesimal and futile ship. The minacious, dense fog ripped the young man’s lungs and broke his throat. The sinister wind was an egregious, rapacious and pugnacious packs of wolves, howling ravenously.


The merciless, murky and destructive storm, insidiously whirled around the ship, which was a pathetic lion, dripping in crestfallen dismay.


The heinous, and ghostly white waves, cruelly crashed around the feeble and helpless animal that was the ship.

 Luke (Year 9) took a very different approach and produced the highly engaging story opening below:

I woke up. Water drenched my back. I had no shirt on. I opened my eyes and was met by pine branches and a dim yellow glow. I felt the ground beneath me. The harsh spikes of the pine needles mixed with the soft crunch of snow, confused me. Where was I?


I sat up. A beautiful scene filled my field of view. The huge trees towered high above me. The white field that rolled far around in me, in all directions, dazzled me as the sun hit it. The cold tickled my naked back and my hairs stood up on end. Looking up again, I could see small patches of sky, between thick dark green clouds that clung to the brown branches of the trees.


A surge of worry hit me once more, as I realised, I had no idea as to where I was. I was going to freeze to death; I knew that. I had to move.

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