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Mental Health Awareness Week - May 2021

This year, the theme was ‘Connect with Nature’. The week has offered our students an opportunity to talk about all aspects of mental health, with a focus on providing help and advice.

Students engaged with their peers during tutor time assemblies and other activities to encourage an open dialogue around this very important topic. Student voice will be used to continue to grow our approach to mental health and well-being within the academy. These findings will be used as part of the next student council and prefect meetings to discuss the identified priorities moving forward.

A group of KS3 students have been working to develop their understanding of the environmental issues that affect them. As part of the project they will develop an understanding of how the environment can impact on our well-being. As part of their ASDAN work they develop skills for learning, work and life and will be finding out about the impact of their own and other people’s actions on the environment. This will support the students to think about how they can take positive steps to help. They have identified the school garden as an area they would like to improve. They will be engaging in activities such as planting seeds, weeding and designing artwork to help improve the garden. It will be lovely to see the garden after the students have recreated this area.

So far the students are really enjoying being outside in nature and watching their hard work start to take shape.

Here are some of the quotes from students participating in the

I love it out here. Gardening makes me happy.

“Gardening is fun”.

“We can make this look much better”.


Mrs Edwards