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In the Library

Because Reading is Fundamental

"The love of libraries, like most loves, must be learned!"

Libraries are a divisive place; you either love the peace and quiet and the thrill of being surrounded by so many worlds and characters, or you feel stifled and overwhelmed at the prospect of silent reading! School libraries can be even more divisive, with
people having sharp memories of the vulture-like librarian, scolding them for breathing too loudly! Well, not at MEA…

Mrs Salmon has gone to great efforts to welcome all students and staff to our school library and to foster a love of reading; with her innovative half-termly newsletters, vivid displays, staff book section and a plethora of engaging competitions, the library has a
wonderful and work-friendly atmosphere! 

Mrs Salmon has gone to great lengths to secure new books for our school library, through donations, grants and an eye for a bargain!

She always manages to rustle up a prize for our inhouse competitions and be a pillar of support when Enrichment events are running!

Thank you Mrs Salmon!