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Moor End Academy

Head Boy & Head Girl 2019/20

Student voice is strong at the academy, and each form is represented on our Student Council. In year 11, students also have the opportunity to become part of the Student Leadership Group, which consists of prefects, senior prefects and Head Boy and
Head Girl. In the summer term the application process for the Student Leadership Group
was launched; students had to write a letter of application to become either a prefect or Head Boy or Girl.

The number of applications for these roles was the highest it has ever been, obliterating
previous records!

Whilst prefects were chosen on the basis of their written applications, applicants for Head Boy and Girl had other hurdles to overcome: their written application was voted on by both staff and students and the eight with the most votes went to interview.  The interview panel consisted of Mr Rafiq, Mrs Hutley and the former Head Boy and Girl,
Brwa Hassan and Sara Shafi.

We are delighted to report that the successful candidates and new Head Boy and Girl
for 2019-20 are Ali Rashid and Arwa Faysal. They have already begun their new roles, having led on a fundraising day for the Uniform Exchange and delivered presentations at the Year 6 intake evening in July, with one new parent saying that, “The speeches from
your Head Girl and Boy blew me away; their maturity and confidence is amazing.” Ali and Arwa have a busy year ahead of them, and we look forward to reporting further on their achievements throughout the year!

Mrs Hutley