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World Class Schools Quality Mark (WCSQM) is a charity and national awarding body. World Class Schools is an award in which a school is recognised as 'Beyond Outstanding'. It is the calibre of the student which proves the calibre of the school. If the school is truly World Class then the students will be able to own and demonstrate World Class qualities. Read More

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Moor End Academy

Beacon School Reflections

A Year of Growth

Home learning during lockdown for students has been very difficult for a lot of children.  However, it’s great to know that Moor End Academy has helped a huge amount during this process. During lockdown, Moor End Academy made sure that students exceeded, by having determined teachers, as well as engaged students. This hard work has continued through the last term at school, with after-school clubs encouraging
students to express their creativity, in addition to the amazing work that has been done to put the students in a comfortable place to strive in school. Many students, such as myself, adore the encouragement that the teachers give us – and that pushes our determination further and further, whilst still giving us the resting space we need to get back to normal standards, especially since lockdown has decreased some of our positivity. All 3 core values have been followed by all students consistently and is repeated constantly throughout the academy. Respect, Ambition, Responsibility are our 3 core values; for this is Moor End Academy: Striving for Excellence.