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A Review on our Interview with MP Jason McCartney 

Bradley Dumba, Moor End Academy Student, 27th January 2023  

On the 13th of January 2023, A few Moor End Academy students were chosen to engage in a special interview with the Conservative MP for Colne Valley, Jason McCartney, in which a variety of questions were asked in an attempt to get to know who he really is and what he stands for.

From the very onset, Jason McCartney was put on the spot, when he was asked about a few rumours going on regarding him on social media in which he was quick to respond saying that it is merely “fake news” from people that are afraid to show their faces, hence why they identify their accounts as vague and anonymous titles, he also felt the need to say that he blocks those “accounts” and feels as though they are out to get him.

The next question that was asked was regarding why “he didn’t have a say on the ‘party gate’ report, apparently waiting for the Sue Grey report as he claimed that he had “Not seen all the evidence” even though other Members of Parliament in the Huddersfield Borough had given a statement, such as Barry Sheerman and Kim Leadbeater?” Once again, the member of parliament was straight on the question, claiming that it wasn’t much of a “party” and that there was only a cake that was present.

Although he did acknowledge that this was unacceptable. To add on to his answer, he said that the other two MPs made a statement as they were from an opposition party, Labour and they always want to make him and the conservative look bad because it is good for their popularity. This tells us that he is really and truly one to admire as even though he goes through all this adversity he continues to try and do his best for this community. The was further emphasized by him when he expressed that he had received many real and potential death threats when asked about being an MP and the responsibility it carries, makes you think about making a difference in the world.

Afterwards, he was able to meet with a few of the student council in year 10 and spoke very passionately about why he does what he does regardless of the dangers it puts on him and his family. It really shows you how good of a person he really is and how much he cares about us.

Overall, it is clear to say, that MP Jason McCartney is a great man, that is doing wonders for the community, and it was a great pleasure to meet him. We would absolutely love to see him again and it was very interesting to learn some very fun things about him, like that he always walks up the stairs of parliament and supports Huddersfield Town.